ries by Urban DK, spray paint on canvas, 210 x 120 cm, 4 pieces with spray paint and Posca Paint Markers on canvas 60 x 60 and spray paint on hard Masonite, 2 plates of 110,5 x 156,0 cm – 2005.
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E-bugs I - Painting by Urban DK, spray paint on canvas, 210 x 120 cm - 2005.
E-bugs is a series created for Lundbecks new internal IT-shop. The job was to do a decoration, that could work both on the Intranet at Lundbeck, as art in the IT-shop and as logo for the IT-shop being a symbol on the service rendered by the IT-shop.

I have found my inspiration to the solution in the IT-worlds network concept, in the Logitech idiom and in the Microsoft logos color palette. And finally the little 60 x 60 cm canvases are strongly inspired by the still popular Pokémon cards, where different creatures with different strengths and qualities - this used as a symbol of the strengths and competences of the IT-shop.


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