Faith, Hope and Attachment Requirements
Painting by Urban DK, spray paint on steel plates, 2,8 x 13,3 m – 2005.
Tro, håb og tilknytningskrav
In Denmark some Danes are, by the government, forced out of their mother country, Denmark, if they want to marry the person they love. Even people with a child's mind can tell how wrong this is, but nevertheless, there is no intention of changing the law making it possible for all Danes to marry the one they love and live in Denmark. All this is to prohibit young people being forced in to arranged marriages by their families. But a law affecting innocent people is a wrong law.

The style of the painting Faith, Hope and Attachment Requirements is the same as in children's books, emphasizing the fact that you can use your child mind to determine whether or not this law on attachment requirements is right or wrong.

The two lovers on the meadow can not reach each other... There is a bridge, but the bridge is not what it appears to be, for in fact, it is a cattle grid. So the road that seems to exist is in reality an obstacle and that is what the law on affiliation requirements is to love between Danes and foreigners. It is embarrassing to be a Dane when we banish our brothers and sisters because they find love outside the borders of the country. Someone ought to be ashamed.

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