Scoundrel Days
Painting by Urban DK, spray paint on light weight tarp, ca. 200 x 900 cm – 2005.
Scoundrel Days was needed for a theme party at Base Camp on Holmen and therefore is was a sort of buy-and-throw-away art hence the choice of material. It was painted on light weight tarp, which this time went well opposed to the time when I painted the Be Free piece.
The title, Scoundrel Days, is copied from the A-Ha tune, Scoundrel Days, from their album of the same title. An extract from the text reads: "They forgive anything but greatness, these are scoundrel days." As a graffiti artist, I can relate to that pretty well.
The Devil and the Angel with masks, the title and the A-Ha quote are all comments on the game politicians play, setting up the graffiti art as a mute whipping boy - that is a disgrace.

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