Be Free
Painting by Urban DK, spray paint on canvas, 250 x 250 cm – 2004.
Be free
The painting was made for Phase One's stand on the Photochina Fair in Germany, 2004, and was used as background for model shots with Phase One's cameras.

Desirably, the painting was to appear authentic, not too flashy. At the same time it had to be able to be rolled up, which turned out to be a huge challenge.
You risk the colors to peel off, if you want a graffiti painting to be rolled up, unless you paint on a white unprimed canvas. But if you paint on white unprimed canvas the colors appear dim and the light colors can not paint over the dark, making the job fairly difficult.
The brilliant solution, I thought, was to paint on lightweight tarp since it can easily be rolled up while maintaining the clear colors. I realized the paint would peel off a little bit, but it would only contribute to the authenticity, though too much peeling off would ruin it.
I made a frame with the measurements, 250 x 250 cm, and had the lightweight tarp fastened upon it. The piece was painted and it looked nice. Then it was put to dry on the grass for a few days... And then the rain came, like real hard summer rain, and the paint was blasted of the tarp, creating a million tiny pieces of paint, spread all over the lawn like confetti. When the sun finally reappeared and all became dry, the tarp went into the bin and I spent 45 minutes vacuuming the lawn. A truly sore sight, I'll tell you.
Well, back to scratch. Out buying fabric: white denim. It is strong, close-woven and can absorb the paint, and then it is, yes you guessed it, white! In order for the fabric not to absorb too much, it was primed with a weak dissolution of wall paint.
Oh and of course fabric does not come in 250 cm wide lengths, which means I had a woman with a sewing machine involved in the project before the canvas could be fastened and primed.
After that, I was ready to paint again, but I had to watch my step as the light colors could not cover the dark when painting on a saturated canvas, as said before. And most certainly, it should not be a saturated canvas as it had to be rolled up when done.
And yes, the project succeeded - the colors came out a bit dim as if they were painted on an unprimed wall - it sort of created an authentic feel. The canvas was rolled up without problems and as the photos show, it ended up at Phase One's stand at the Photochina Fair in Germany fulfilling it's mission, and also working as a great eye catcher on the fair.
A lesson learned and a job well done!

Painting owned by Phase One.

Phase One on the Photochina Fair
The photos are shown with kind permission from Phase One. The photo was taken in connection with the Photochina Fair (2004) in Germany at Phase One's stand by Phase One cameras.

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