Thumbelina Ultra
Painting by Urban DK, spray paint on canvas, 200 x 200 cm – 2004.
Tommelise Ultra
The painting was displayed, as one out of three, on the exhibition, "Imagination let loose - Strange worlds from Ithaka to Hogwarts", at Koldinghus from 21th August 2004 to 9th January 2005. Today, the painting is privately owned.

Below is the catalogue text from the exhibition with kind permission from Koldinghus:

Thumbelina Ultra - Urban DK graffiti art
Urban DK (born 1970): Thumbelina Ultra. 2004. Spray paint on canvas. 200 x 200 cm. Owned by the artist. Scene inspired by H.C. Andersen's Thumbelina. Photo: Ole Haupt.

Traditional fantasy worlds are among the obvious scenes for a contemporary graffiti artist who can use the famous fairy tales as modern art themes. The image is an ironic commentary on the romantic notion of the woman as an innocent and asexual creature - an idea originating from Hans Christian Andersen's universe and time. It is being made relevant in the debate of today conserning young girls dressing provocatively and the level of responsibility, if any, they thus have, for boys' and mens responses to that.

Urban DK was born in 1970 and is known as one of the best Danish graffiti artists - AND he only works with legal graffiti! Three of his new paintings are inspired by "Imagination let loose" theme and are being displayed at the exhibition.

From the exhibition catalogue

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