God of Thunder
Painting by Aire and Urban DK, spray paint on concrete – 2003.
Paper Factory of Skjern wanted Aire and I to return, this time for a decoration of the warehouse end wall. It was important to me to continue the nordic mythology theme, just like it was equally important to keep the wall from collapsing in spite of pipes, cables and switches tearing through the canvas.
There are probably someone who would argue, that it is no longer graffiti, now as there are no letters in the painting. I don't know if it qualifies as graffiti - spray paint art might be a more appropriate category.
The painting is a little more than six meters tall and approximately ten meters wide. Therefore we borrowed a lift to elevate us all the way up to the ceiling. It's pretty scary to stand so high up on a lift that swings and sways every time you make the slightest movement. When you have to lean as far over the edge as possible to reach to corners, you almost get close to be needing a pair of clean pants.
From sketch to finished painting
Detailed photo and article

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