World of Adventure
Event with Urban DK for the event bureau World of Adventure – 2003.
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World of Adventure - World of Adventure 01
The event bureau, World of Adventure, held a hip-hop event at a seminar for a client. As a part of the event, the participants were divided into teams battling each other. The battle: Who can paint the coolest painting in 12 minutes?
I was hired as an instructor for the occasion. I had lined up the paint and I had prepared the plywood boards by drawing an outline of letters. What the participants had to do now, was to put on appropriate clothing and then just to go crazy with aerosol on the plywood.
It was awesome and the participants, coming from six different nations, were really dedicated - a sight for sore eyes to see 8-10 business people painting at the same time on the same two standard pieces of plywood - shoulder to shoulder, literally.

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