Kansas Tag-wall
Paint by Urban DK, spray paint on canvas, 300 x 600 cm - 2007.
Photos are shown with permission from Kwintet Kansas A/S
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Kansas wanted an overly tagged wall as a background for a photo shoot of their new brand "Gen Y". Kansas writes about Gen Y: "Gen Y is the name of the new Kansas work wear collection in a young, trendy and sporty design, which makes you feel good in the cool way, also when you are working."

Doing my best effort, I tagged a huge variation of tags on a piece of fabric which Kansas later mounted on a wall in their photo studio.

The pictures were used in Kansas catalogues etc. along with their advertising campaign running in the weeks of 18, 19 and 20 in 2007. Furthermore, the pictures made it to billboards in the weeks of 18 and 19, also in 2007.

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