6 drawings by Urban DK, ink on paper, 42x30 cm – 2008.
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The drawings are framed with glare–free glass.
The six drawings contributed to the exhibition "Ruiner - Fascination og Fantasi" ("Ruins - Fascination and Imagination") which was situated at Koldinghus from the 23th of August 2008 to the 11th of January 2009.

I have drawn ruins of the Manhattan Bridge, the Great Belt Bridge, the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, the art museum "Arken", the Sydney Opera House and the Opera in Copenhagen. Together my drawings form a series with the title "Arvegods". ("Inheritance").

A society with social surplus has art, culture, music, songs and a well established infrastructure. The buildings therefore are chosen because their unique designs can be seen as icons that represents the superiority and surplus of modern mankind.

The buildings decay becomes an icon of the decline of an entire culture, like the ruins left behind by the Incas, the Romans and Egyptians which we tend to romanticize. An overgrown Manhattan Bridge is sufficiently distant to have a romantic touch perhaps, but there is nothing romantic about a collapsed Great Belt Bridge.

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