TDC Netway
Painting by Doart, Ditur, Lars (from Roskilde Festivals Graffiti Group) and Urban DK, spray paint on tarp, 800x2000 cm – 2006.
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TDC made an advertising campaign on their new product, Netway, targeting young people between 18 and 28 years. The campaign had to be 'street'. Therefore TDC hired Julian Beever to do one of his 3D subjects on Axeltorv. TDC had produced a bunch of bike saddle covers putting them on lots of parked bikes around Copenhagen. They hired me, Urban DK, to put together a team of graffiti artists to do a live paint of TDC's ad on a 160m² huge tarp on Gl.Torv - right next to the walking street, Strøget, in the heart of Copenhagen.

The ad had a pre-printed thin light grey outline on the tarp which made the artists feel like they were coloring an enormous drawing in a coloring book for kids. The only difference was that all colors had to be painted several times to cover the original color of the tarp. We left some fields blank as an extra feature due to a climber coming in on the last day to lower himself down from the roof and paint the remaining fields. It seemed a little Mission Impossible-like but that was the idea - and it was pretty cool seeing him hanging there wearing a mask while holding a spray can in his hand. An awesome week on Gl. Torv and a fun alternative job for the scrapbook.

Other pictures
The finished painting of large size and the original TDC advertisement.

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