Auto Technique 2001
Painting by Aire, Wake and Urban DK, spray on plywood – 2001.
Auto Teknik 2001
We were in Herning Fair Center to do live graffiti as part of the fair "Auto Technique 2001". We were restricted by the following requirements to the painting: The fairs logo had to be in it, the logos of the two sponsors of the paint, F.A.I and Lesonal had to be in it and finally the theme had to be the car of the future. The future car turned out to exist in a future so far and distant that we see a car set off from the surface of the moon and another car heading towards the earth. The painting was created in two days and on the second day Aire and Wake came and helped me with some filling and a little moon landscape. Most of the black background is rolled on and thus has a different gloss than the black spray.
We had to roll it on, otherwise too many aerosols would have been released into the fair hall and been a pain for the participants.
The piece measures 2,44 x 30 meters, and is thus both the largest and longest piece I've ever painted - I hereby outdo the piece I painted for Computer City in 1999.
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