Baby Blue
Painting and production by Aire and Urban DK, spray on concrete – 2001.
Baby Blue
A nice day in the South Harbor with Aire and Wake, where Aire and I did a small freestyle production, which certainly could have been thought more through: The background sucks, the last two letters in Urban don't really swing and the character... what's it's problem... That's probably why I haven't posted this piece on my site until now in 2007 - 6 years after it was painted. However, I'm quite satisfied with the filling in the letters, but I guess that's the only good thing there is to say about it.
The piece is titled Baby Blue because the character came to resemble a baby, it was blue and because of the color in the outline which was also baby blue and finally because of the song by the danish band TV•2 with the same title, from their LP released in 1990 "Vi Blir Alligevel Aldrig Voksne" (We Never Grow Up Anyway) - a record I owe a lot of gratitude because it helped me through one of my greatest heartaches and out in the big world.

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