Probably a Maiden Voyage
Painting by Urban DK, spray on fiberglass – 2001.
Formentlig en Jomfrurejse
Formentlig en Jomfrurejse - Detalje.
Later that summer I was contacted by a man, who'd visited my website and had seen the painting "Not exactly a Maiden Voyage" and he wanted to know if I could paint the same picture on the transom of his boat lying in The Fishing Harbor I Copenhagen. I told him, it sounded like an exiting job and that I would paint for him, but I never did the same picture twice. He wasn't interested in that, it had to be the same motive, nothing else would do. This issue wasn't my only objection, there wasn't enough space either, but as the photo shows, I still ended up lying with all my cans on a raft in The Fishing Harbor painting graffiti on a ship while all the old sea hulks observed me skeptically.

Normally you don't give it too much thought, where you place your cans while you're painting, but if you're lying on a raft, you really have to keep it tight, so they won't roll overboard. And every time a ship sailed into the harbor, I had to hold on to the cans as well as myself, when the wake waves rolled in and made my 2x2 meters raft do some unreasonable swings for a landsman like me.
It sure isn't boring to be a graffiti artist!


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