Thor and the Midgard Serpent
Painting by Air and Urban DK, spray on concrete – 2001.
Thor og Midgårdsormen
What you can see here is a graffiti job Air and I made at Skjern Paper Factory waterworks. They wanted us to choose a motive, that was either related to water or environment, and my own ambitions were to get the two walls to act as a complete work of art, and at the same time I wished to capture some of the things I associate with Western Jutland.
When I think of Western Jutland, I also think of the North Sea and the big sky you can see there. Seagulls are automatically in the picture when you want to make something with the sea, and when you are out in the wild nature in Western Jutland, you get the feeling that it's still the Nordic Gods who have the last say in things.
Finally I decided that the motive should be Thor out hunting the Midgard Serpent, and that also solved the problem of how to get the two walls connected in one piece - The Midgard Serpent could just wiggle it's way under the waterworks and out on the other side.
And it's not a photo bug - the thing in the right side of the photo is a rainbow... It appeared just as we'd finished painting, as was it Thor himself, taking a trip down Bifrost to check out what the youngsters were up to now.
10 minutes video, showing the creation of Thor and the Midgard Serpent.

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Detailed photos
Shown here are the two walls, that together form the complete piece, photographed separately. The other photos are two detailed photos and one of the creation of the piece.
Live action
Before, sketches and article
The creation of a seagull
Here is shown, step by step, how Urban DK painted the seagull, which is part of the graffiti painting Thor and the Midgard Serpent.
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