Painting by Urban DK, spray on plywood – 2001.
Gorillaz - live action
Every summer there is a Youth Festival in the park next to the Hospital in Herlev, and in 2001 I was asked to come and do some live graffiti, as part of the entertainment at the festival. The plywood plates was placed right next to the scene and hence the speakers, and there I was painting while the music was pounding, so that the audience could watch both me and the musicians. The idea was alright, if only I had worn earplugs... Diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii....
I wasn't payed for the job, so I was free to choose whatever motive I wanted and therefor the obvious choice was to write Urban Decay and choose a character that was able to connect music and graffiti - a character from the concept band Gorillaz who paints graffiti.
In this piece I've tried to do some experiments with transparency, by putting some squares, in the green background, into some other shades of green. I'm not quite satisfied with the result, but that's what tends to happen when you're trying something new.

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