Being There
Painting by Aire and Urban DK, spray on truck – 2001.
Being There
Being There was a job, me and Aire did in Malmö, Sweden, for Novo Nordisk, as part of a conference they held on the treatment of diabetes. The graffiti painting was part of an event where all the participants should write their names on the truck as a symbolic signature, indicating that they would live up to the slogan "Being there for people with diabetes."
This is the most closely defined job I've ever done. First of all, Novo Nordisk has a specific scale of colors they use, see it in the left side of the photo, and secondly the graffiti letters were already printed on the truck, taken from the sketch you can see in the bottom right of the picture. So, the colors were not filled in the letters, but the draft was already there.
Because the letters were taken from a font and because the draft was very tight, I made the sketch for the piece on my computer, as seen in the lower left corner, and I could therefore use the exact colors from Novos color palette.
Since the letters were already printed on the truck, it was in some ways a simple task, if only it hadn't been in January with degrees below the freezing-point and with an icy wind blowing up in the car park, where it snowed all morning while we painted.
If you've ever tried painting in frosty weather with Quick, you'll know how hard it is for the paint to dry, how easily it runs, how difficult it is to get it out of the can and how cold and stiff your fingers get. But it was all worth it, 'cause when we'd finished, 150 people came, all dressed in suits and with their own On the Run silver markers, and they totally over-tagged the whole truck. That was a wild experience.
Atmospheric images + live action
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Being There - Live Action – if you look carefully you can see that the graffiti letters have been pre-printed on the truck.

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