Hairdresser Finn 1997-2000
Painting by Urban DK, spray on glass – 2000.
A lot of challenges were associated with painting on glass.
First of all, my motives were viewable from both sides of the glass, so it shouldn't look too bad from the back either.
Secondly, I had to leave a great part of the window clean, so outside light could enter the saloon, but at the same time the motive had to work in a way so you wouldn't think of it as half art / half window.
Thirdly, it wasn't possible to edit the lines that were directly aside that part of the window that had to bee kept free.
And finally, it's quite problematic to paint on glass, because it doesn't absorb the painting and it's real slippery; therefore the painting could easily run if too many layers were on top of each other, and it was therefore very limited how much I could put layer upon layer, which is something you often do, if you have to cut off some lines.
Allright... Go try it yourself - with Quick-spray - I'm sure that'll wipe off that grin.
Pictures from Hairdresser Finn
The series show the 6 decorations of the window, I made for Hairdresser Finn on Vigerslevvej 130 in Valby from 1997 to 2000.
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Frisør Finn 1997-2000 - 1997-2000 - Frisør Finn (1997 a)

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