Another Magic Moment
Painting by Urban DK, spray on plywood - 2000.
Another Magic Moment
Another Magic Moment - Stemnings
Compared to 1999, which was a good year in which, I think, I created many nice things, 2000 was my least productive year in my entire career as an artist. Actually, I only painted two pieces all together, one was a job and the other was this freestyle piece, painted in Frederiksberg by the new Metro with the boys from The Graffiti School.
The piece is meant to be a magical deep-sea organism that lives it own unexplored life 8.000 meters below the sea level...
The piece is called Another Magic Moment and has obvious references to the most powerful Danish graffiti magazine to date, but the name also indicates a strong recognition of, that it's in the creating moment, the magic is found - when you're freestyling you can be lucky to experience this ecstatic feeling... Word!

The other picture shows the painting behind the wired fence. It looks a bit hardcore but it's 100% legal - otherwise it would have meant trouble, to go painting there with the After School Class.

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