Painting by Urban DK, spray on concrete – 1999.
This graffiti piece is strictly a job. It's painted for Computer City in Glostrup. So far, this graffiti piece is the largest I've ever painted! Notice the door, it's 2,4 meters tall! The actual graffiti piece is about 10 x 6 meters, 60 square meters and it was quite a tour de force to paint this graffiti piece. The shop closed Saturday at 4 pm and the staff didn't leave until 5 pm, so first at that time I could start to paint! The graffiti piece had to be done no later than Sunday evening at 10 pm! So I managed to decorate 60 square meters in 17 hours!

Anyway, no more showing off... This Computer City graffiti piece is more about decoration than real art. I've used the same 3D technique as in the Icebreaker graffiti piece and I've tried to keep my three dogma rules, but quite a lot of black has slipped into this graffiti piece. Even though it's commissioned work, I really like this graffiti piece. It's incredible to be standing in front of such a huge graffiti piece, where the 3D effect is so vivid, that you just crave for liquorice!

The photo is quite dark in the edges, it's due to poor lightning conditions - it must be seen live...

More pictures of the painting
Photo of the sketch and of the graffiti piece seen from the store – the first with a nice lineup of Quick-cans in the foreground.

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