Not exactly a Maiden Voyage (Ikke ligefrem en Jomfrurejse)
Painting by Urban DK, spray on plastered wall – 1999.
Ikke ligefrem en Jomfrurejse
Maybe it can be a bit difficult to see, but it's actually a pirate ship, floating in the air. I painted this graffiti piece in Husum by the embankment, approx. 50 meters from the spot where I painted Flower II in 1998. Since the wall, on which the graffiti piece is painted is facing north-west it will always be backlit and it's impossible to get a good shot with your camera. "Not exactly a Maiden Voyage " is a continuation of the series of graffiti pieces without letters. The devise is to preserve the graffiti- expression, but to skip the letters. But with this graffiti piece I've almost landed in the fantasy- and cartoon genre! I've worked hard to give depth to this graffiti piece including using one of Vaughn Bodés "pushing back" techniques and then the classical structure of foreground, middle ground and background.

I really like this graffiti piece, it's the best I've painted in all 1999. Some people might prefer Icebreaker, but I think I've managed to enrich this graffiti piece with much more vivid expressions: Lightness, mystique, quietness and atmosphere. The pirate ship, which is heading towards the dark castle, also creates a great tension. Is the castle abandoned or are they only sleeping? Is it homecoming or bloodbath that awaits? Anyway, it's not exactly a maiden voyage.

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