Painting by Urban DK, spray on concrete – 2001.
On a giant wall at the parking lot by Nørrebrohallen (the big sports hall in Nørrebro), I made a production-wall together with Wake, Tames, Besy and Air. Later Cruel and Resk joined us and created some wild stuff on the wall as well. The graffiti piece is a 3-days-production created according to my three dogma rules: No black, no outlines and limited use of white - only for effects! The graffiti piece is approx. 3,5 meters tall and similar in length. The blue in the right side is the beginning of Wake's piece.

Oh, I want to tell you about the worst scenario being realized, while I painted this graffiti piece! In front of the wall there are 4 meters with grass and this is where all the dogs in the Nørrebro area come to take a shit. That in itself is pretty bad, 'cause when you're focused on painting, you don't always notice where you put your feet. But even worse, a man comes by with his big ugly Dobbermann and that disgusting creature... Well, it started sniffing a bit to my bag, then it went to the tile where I'd lined up all my cans. And fucking unbelievable as it is, the beast begins to piss all over my cans. If you think that urine smells bad, the morning after you've been out drinking all night, then you should have smelled my cans after this...

Detailed photos
Here is shown two detailed photos and one photos of the environment by the Nørrebro Wall back in 1999.

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