Caravan (Campingvogn)
Painting by Urban DK, spray on caravan - 1998.
Campingvogn - Urban
Most graffiti artists will probably agree thats it's cool to have a graffiti piece rolling on the highways. (a website selling dog food) paid for the paint and I, I had my art out on wheels, as I had been given free hands to paint whatever I wished for, on the backside of the caravan.

Maybe this painting hasn't much of the organic/mechanic-synthesis in it, since the mechanic element isn't present. The reason why, I guess, is that I had just returned from a canoe trip in Sweden when I painted the water lilies. But notice that the flower in water lilies is glowing - the mystique is not swept aside completely, and I actually think the 'background' ended up being pretty cool.

I showed a picture of the front side of's caravan to "Bates/AIO" (a world famous danish graffiti writer), and he thought the balloons in the bottom of the graffiti piece looked nice. And how should I express my own view? Reach for the stars! (Yes. I admit, Bates' work is a great inspiration to me).

The entrance side of the caravan is reserved for the company commercials and here I've drawn their logos and painted some background to make the graffiti pieces part of a connected whole. The dog is the company logo.

The caravan rear: You need to find a really good theme to give a surface like this a sense of coherence: It has a huge window right in the middle and there are reflectors and license plates to take into account. Apart from the blue box with the URL, this side of the caravan is painted with only three different colors. Amazing what you can do with so little means.


The other sides of the caravan

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