Painting by Urban DK, spray on plywood – 1997.
While I was teaching the graffiti class at the KKU (The public After School in Copenhagen Municipality), I made an effort to get the class to do fieldwork - paint in the real world, that is - at least twice per season. Usually we went to Lyngby and painted on, what was then referred to as the Lyngby plates - some legal plates in a park along a path that connects Toftebæksvej and Lyngby Main Street - near the City Mall in Lyngby.

This time though, I was with the class in Husum because we had been allowed to paint on a fence around a building site, at the spot where Nike Factory Store is placed today, near Frederikssundsvej.

This graffiti piece is what I managed to create, while I simultaneously had to go about my teaching of a bunch of spray painting teenagers. It was really a damn good time with the graffiti classes back in the days. This time about it's become much too controversial for the After School Classes in the Copenhagen area to dare establishing such classes and they have also been banned by the local politicians.

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