Flower (Blomst)
Painting by Urban DK, spray on wood plates – 1997.
Blomst ogTubes - Før
Photo of the house before Urban DK painted the plates that was set up to cover up the window.
The three graffiti pieces Flower, Tubes and Ornament are all attempts to create graffiti pieces that neither contain letters nor outlines, but still graffiti. Whether I succeeded or not, is a subjective matter. Flower is painted in Vanløse around Ålekistevej.


The 18th of may 2006 I received this email: "When I was 6-7 years old I lived with my parents in Vanløse. We lived right across this graffiti piece of art. I spent much time standing in the staircase looking out of the glass at the graffiti piece, while I tried to grasp what was depicted. When I turned 7, I finally realized that it was a flower and that it was graffiti like the big paintings on a wall by Vanløse station. I can't remember why I've suddenly come to like graffiti, but I guess the flower is the reason."

Inas, 16 years old.


That's sure something, that warms the heart of an old graffiti painter.

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