Self portrait (SelvportrŠt)
Painting by Urban DK, spray on soft masonite ľ 1996.
In 1996 I attended class in visual art and one day we were told to draw or paint a self portrait. I asked my teacher, if I could do so, using my spray and she allowed me, but she wasn't enthusiastic about my work. She didn't really like graffiti all together which in her opinion couldn't be considered art.


When you meet a person like that, who has an artistic education, but is extremely ignorant and you just know in your heart that she herself, really hasn't grasped what it's all about, because here you are, reaching the golden stars, then I always remember the fairytale "Fyrtøjet" (The Tinderbox) by H.C. Andersen in which the witch tells the soldier: "But do not worry about anything! Just put him on my apron, then he can't hurt you, and feel free to take as much gold from the chest, as you desire!" (From The Tinderbox by Hans Christian Andersen).

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