Urban Decay
Painting by Urban DK, spray and acrylic on planks ľ 1996.
Urban Decay
The "Urban Decay"-piece is painted on a fence in Østerbro along Rovsinggade where I was out painting together with Gear and Fone from VMG.

While painting, a little kid, René, kept coming back to check out what we were doing and he kindly shared some candy he had, with the rest of us. For these reasons we dedicated the painting to him and I guess he thought that was pretty cool.

I think this painting really covers the essence of graffiti - take a look at the building!, it is indeed in need of some colors and graffiti is the obvious choice. I don't think it would be wrong saying, that these kinds of constructions are the cause of the invention of graffiti - they have simply made graffiti necessary.

More pictures
A photo of RenÚ, next is a photo of the boys from the Graffiti School who came to help and finally a photo of some writers who just happened to come by and then stayed to chill out with the rest of us on this lovely spring day way back in 1996.

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