Culture (Kultur)
Painting by Rasmus and Urban DK, spray on plastered wall – 1996.
The Graffiti School had been in the media spotlight, when we painted the wall in Vanløse and as a response to all the media coverage, we were contacted by the gas station compagny ConocoPhillips JET (Jet Benzin). They wanted us to do graffiti by their gas station on the corner of Ålekistevej and Jyllingevej.

We agreed to do it, of course, and Rasmus and I painted this big wall and Rasmus also did a smaller one where he painted the word "Sky". You can see the photo of the Sky-piece in the section "More Pictures".

In the picture below the letters are painted by Rasmus, while I've painted the background. Our original plan was to add outlines, but when we were about to paint them, we agreed it looked cooler without them - that was quite a revelation for me, that inspired to a new way of painting without outlines.

The money we made on the painting was spent on carbon filter masks for the boys who helped painting the wall in Vanløse.

In August 1999 the monthly magazine "The Car", used the painting "Culture" as background for their pictures of a Morris 850, on which they brought an article, to celebrate the car models 40 years anniversary. You can see a screen shot of the article in "More Pictures" below on this page.

The painting "Culture" is now covered with boards, advertising signs and plantation sat up by ConocoPhillips JET (Jet Benzin).

More pictures

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