In Love - The Vanløse Mural
Painting by Urban, spray on concrete – 1995.
In Love
When I was teaching graffiti in the after school classes in Copenhagen we were visited by a social worker who was employed by DSB (Danish State Railways) and he wanted a positive contact with us and was curious about what a graffiti class like ours was all about. This social worker, who had previously been employed in Club 47, a youth club on Amager, was called Lennart Faust.

Lennart Faust was a real nice fellow and he shared some scary stories about all the nasty graffiti artists he'd met during his time working for DSB. He and the local SSP (SSP is short for School, Social services department and Police) wanted to support the Graffiti School, as the after school classes was called, by letting us paint a big wall that was placed by the train station in Vanløse.

It ended up being a real great day in November when the whole graffiti team and a few joiners went to the station, bringing sponsor cans from the local master painter Jens Daugaard together with the TV news, who were filming every move we made. No bad vibes to Faust for that day.

My contribution to the wall was "In Love", which was dedicated to my girlfriend, who I'd just met. Ahh, life is great when you've just fallen in love and are out to bring the world new colors.

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