Painting by Taregh, David and Urban DK, spray on plywood – 1995.
I painted "Extacy" for The School of Katrinedal (Katrinedals Skole) in Vanløse (a part Copenhagen) together with David and Taregh from the 8th grade, who were my pupils during a SSP project (SSP is short for School, Social services department and Police).

The two boys thought that the project was so cool, that they wanted to learn more from me. They thought of me as a skilled graffiti artist and that was indeed a whole new experience for me - to be looked up to, wow!

Because David and Taregh wished for more instruction in graffiti, I managed to start a graffiti after school class supported by the municipality of Copenhagen. It was pretty awesome suddenly to be the teacher, when I still conceived of myself as beginner.

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