Discotheque Dynamite
Painting by Urban DK, spray on plywood – 1989.
Discotheque Dynamite
Discotheque Dynamite, my friends' mobile discotheque, liked the new frontplate I painted for them and as the photo shows, it's live! - the disco I mean!

Viewed in hindsight it's fun to see how this, one of my first graffiti pieces, is highly affected by - and comes alive in symbioses with the background. This is very similar to the way I paint again today (2004), which differs from an intermediate period I had, in which I only painted letters and never backgrounds.

The fact that I started taking afterschool classes in graffiti at the time I did this graffiti piece, is evident from the way I've painted the trees in my graffiti piece. I lent the forms from the universe of Vaughn Bodé to whom I was introduced in the afterschool classes. Embarrassingly the figure reveals that I almost haven't developed my skills in drawing people since 1989... Damn, I have to pull myself together, real soon.

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