Back patch by Urban DK. Spray, acrylic and Posca paintmarkers on canvas - 1989.
A cool thing about getting to know someone (from the after school classes) who was acquainted with the graffiti environment from the inside, was that I was introduced to the existing literature on graffiti. I'm here referring to Subway Art, Spraycan Art and not to mention Danish Wild Style Graffiti. I noticed how the cool graffiti guys from Danish Wild Style Graffiti made back patches, so I decided that I wanted to do that too. I got help in the after school classes and so I spent weeks working on this back patch for one of my high school buddies, Torben, who was nicknamed Tops.

He thought that the back patch was totally cool, but unfortunately it was unbearable to wear, because it was completely unbendable and stiff as a consequence of all the priming I'd giving the canvas that it was painted on.


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