NOP - No OPeration
Painting by Urban DK, spray on plywood – 1989.
NOP - No OPeration
NOP is my second graffiti piece and I actually managed to make some letters with a touch of graffiti in them, which was probably due to the fact that I'd started taking after school classes to learn how to make graffiti art. I'd convinced an older boy from my high school, Claus Skytte, to teach us, because he was much better than the rest of us and he was down with the graffiti scene and therefore knew the dos an donts - a part from that, he was drawing his pants off.

It says NOP, because there wasn't room for more than three letters on the board and because I was good at making N's at the time, I thought. Back then I programmed in machine codes on my Commodore 64 computer and there was one command called NOP, which is an abbreviation for No Operation. That was probably why I chose the word NOP - it also sounded kind of cool - No Operation.

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